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Law firm Kunstek, Halle & Šimac represented various private, public and mixed ownership companies, institutions and natural persons in the wide range of corporate transactions. Depending on the structure of particular business venture, the abovementioned included representation of clients' legal interests from various perspectives - depending on whether they acted as sellers, purchasers, investors, directors, shareholders etc.

The scope of engagement of the law firm in a certain transaction is dictated by the client’s need and legal nature of the transaction itself. Among other matters, law firm Kunstek, Halle & Šimac has had experience in representing legal interests tenderers, where it has managed the entire legal procedure of the business ventures. The abovementioned engagements included legal support in preparatory stages of business negotiations and agreements, from memoranda of understanding and due diligence, negotiations, legal advising and drafting documents to the implementation of the transaction.


Company and Business law represent the most important part of legal activities of the law firm Kunstek, Halle & Šimac.

Currently law firm operates in dynamic legal surrounding, which implies the harmonization process of the Croatian legislation with the Acquis Communautaire, and the attorneys are fully aware that their legal service and its structure must be in compliance and correspond to new demands. New demands are imposed by more complex legal structure of the EU and attorneys are also becoming increasingly involved in non-traditional industries. With attorneys having acquired significant experience in this legal field, the law firm invests its full effort in searching for solutions that will secure its client receives the best possible outcome.

Law firm Kunstek, Halle & Šimac provides legal services to both domestic and foreign clients, including structuring business ventures, advising in connection with acquisition of shares in business companies, various forms of corporate acquisitions, company’ statutory changes, legal consulting services, negotiations, and drafting various legal documents (such as purchase contracts, distribution contracts, license and other contracts relating to business law).


Law firm Kunstek, Halle & Šimac represents clients in various procedures before regulatory authorities of the Republic of Croatia (such as: Croatian Competition Agency, Croatian Financial Services Supervisory Agency, Croatian Regulatory Authority for Network Industries, Croatian Energy Regulatory Agency, etc.). The role of regulatory authorities has significant influence on business activities of clients in certain regulated industry fields. Before investing significant effort and resources, it is crucial for each client to know myriad of regulatory rules that will shape its business. Hence proficiency of attorneys is increasingly more important in order to fully understand legal as well as social surrounding that will shape decisions and forthcoming perspective of clients’ business interests/goals.


In today’s dynamic and extremely competitive market it is a business challenge of every legal advisor to offer its clients the best legal solution for achieving its business goals. With that objective in mind, the law firm Kunstek, Halle & Šimac exerts much effort to understand the client so that it may offer it timely and reliable legal assistance in complex challenges imposed by current competition.


Legal protection of intangible property of our clients is one of the most important roles of Kunstek Halle & Šimac firm. Firm’s attorneys understand that in new age of knowledge intangible property is becoming ever more valuable. They are also well aware of this and continually educate themselves so that they may offer competent legal advice and complete legal assistance with respect to intellectual property of clients who desire to protect it.


Law firm Kunstek, Halle & Šimac provides legal counseling and represents clients in a wide range of labor law issues. This includes drafting of employment regulations, complex employment related documents and contracts for management board members (such as management employment contracts), as well as employment contracts for other key and non-key employees. Attorneys regularly represent clients in employment related disputes, including cases related to non-compete provisions and representation of clients in “ordinary” procedures due to breach of labor law provisions. Furthermore, attorneys from the law firm Kunstek, Halle & Šimac have considerable experience in providing legal advice in transactions of corporate restructuring, merger and/or acquisition, where employment issues tend to influence a transactions.


Although the main approach of the law firm Kunstek, Halle & Šimac is to avoid long-term litigation if possible, by using preventive measures (such as legal advice and preventive preparations prior to client’s undertaking of any business activity, continuous consultations with regular clients), attorneys are, often involved in complex court, administrative and arbitral proceedings. In such proceedings, when other means of legal protection have failed, the law firm Kunstek, Halle & Šimac aims to always provide clients with thorough and objective projections of results. Depending on the subject matter the law firm Kunstek, Halle & Šimac thoroughly analyzes clients’ legal position and offers solutions that are both efficient and economic.


Legal issues in the field of Construction Law represent wide range of legal questions related to the construction industry, starting from negotiations and drafting of construction agreements, tender documentation, representation in complex construction disputes, to negotiations and drafting of various consulting contracts related to the construction.

Rule rather than exception, it is a well know truth that every legal solution affects participants in the construction procedure. This starts with financial institutions, which follow the project and the investor, and includes wide range of issues and all aspects of engagement of contractors, whether it be a subcontractor, project manager or the constructor. Having in mind best long-term and short-term interest of our clients, this is why it is important to understand relations between participants in the construction procedure and have experience in this complex legal field.


In the last ten years the real estate market in the Republic of Croatia has shown to be one of the most volatile sectors of economy, the area of sizable public and private investments, but also various speculations.

Real estate (and related business) has become, in a very short period of time in the middle of last decade, possibly the most important factor fueling economy’s development and growth. With the recent economic crisis this sector has also suffered hardest and most painful cut-downs. Advisory role of the firm included different roles of legal advice for clients, from consulting clients who distribute construction materials, to those who have financed investment, to providing legal assistance in acquiring real estate and providing legal support and continuous legal services for clients involved in real estate development, for either residential or commercial purposes.

During their practice the attorneys gained considerable experience related to real estate law, which covers wide range of legal issues from common legal questions related to cadastral and land registry matters to assurance of land registry rights, entries and obtainment of necessary documentation in the real estate development process.


Law firm Kunstek, Halle & Šimac represented providers of telecommunication services during the procedure of liberalization of telecommunication services in the Republic of Croatia in the last decade.

Legal services included representation of clients in administrative procedures and disputes between competitors and operators (providers of services) and regulatory authorities.


As this is the very core of any legal system in general and, ever more so in Croatia, Law firm Kunstek, Halle & Šimac continuously advises almost all of its clients in enforcement procedures, whether it be based on a judgment, various other types of enforcement deeds or arbitral awards. An important factor of success in this area of law has proven to be the experience, practice and familiarity with the details and particularities of procedure, from procedures on movable property, real property, intellectual property to enforcement procedures involving commercial matters such as commercial goods, intellectual property or business shares.


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